Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reliance iCall : 1 cent/min PC to Phone Calls to 20 Countries including INDIA

Reliance is no doubt one of the biggest name. We have discussed about RelianceIndiacall or RelianceGlobalCall few times, which is calling card Access number based service. But if you are looking for PC to Phone calls then probably we got one of the best options for you. Here is the review on Reliance iCall one cent plan..

Reliance iCall is a dialer based software service which allows you to make calls Pc to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to PC and Phone to Phone. It works in this way --

PC to PC ---> Reliance iCall dialer to iCall Dialer
PC to Phone ---> Make cheap calls to Phones all over the world
Phone to PC ---> you can get online number ($15 quarterly and $59 yearly)
Phone to Phone ---> if someone called your online number and your are away then you can set call forwarding to any phone.

Now lets discuss about the "One Cent Calling Plan" --

Main Highlights are --

  • Call over 20 countries at 1 cent/min. This includes
Mobiles and Landlines - INDIA, USA, Cananda, China, Singapore, Thailand
Landlines - Malaysia, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland, Colombia(Select Cities)

Click Here to make more cheaper calls to INDIA then try 0.0039 cents/min calls to INDIA

  • No Annual Contract
  • No Connection Fees/Hidden Charges
  • Call hold, Call forward, Call Block, Call History, Caller ID, Audio Conference
  • Do not Disturb
  • Contacts List
  • Instant Messaging
  • Ring Tones
  • Record your calls
  • Min 5$ purchase credit
Review --- I think this is a good option for cheap calling, but I feel there is a scope of improvement in voice quality. But its a real good option without any contract and hidden fees.


  1. Does it offer SIP settings that I could use using fring?

  2. I have used these settings long back... Please check it

    SIP Proxy :
    user Id: icall username
    password : icall password

  3. I ordered relianceicall service two months ago to call India. To date (mid February) I have been unable to make a single call. No matter what number I try to call in India, I get a message: This call is blocked.

    At first, customer service ignored my pleas for help. When I threatened to report them to the FCC, they responded saying they are looking into the problem. No luck so far.

    I have been trying to finish off my credit calling the UK and US. These calls work, but connection quality is poor (echoes, call drops, etc.). In the meantime I have tried two other services - and - both excellent. Give reliance a miss.

  4. pls tell me i want to call froom saudi arabia to india u have any options how to call? thanks

  5. Just search the blog with working voip in UAE

  6. Hi, can i login to reliance call on fring? on nokia 5800? if yes please let me know how .thanks

  7. Price has been increased to 1.25 cents recently.

  8. The SIP Proxy address as Rahul listed doesn't work anymore. Is there any updated SIP Proxy anyone knows?


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