Friday, January 15, 2010

Is unlimited calling plans value for money?

If there is an unlimited offer with little bit higher price, our mind decides to pay extra and get unlimited access, but is it worth paying for unlimited plans even our uses are less than the value. Recent market studies reveled that most of the Indians call for less than 4 hours (240 minutes) a month, however there are some callers who may call for 20-30 hours in the first few months of unlimited plan which decreases with time. Is unlimited plans value for money? Lets make one small comparison with the latest VoIP offers and Unlimited INDIA Plan and see which is good for you.

Unlimited plans always come with monthly subscription, once taken you have to pay the monthly, even if you on holidays. If you want to cancel to contract before committed period, you need to pay the cancellation fee also, like in Vonage Unlimited calling Plan. Some times, there are some limitations, like 5000 minutes in lingo world max. So Once taken such plans, you will find that you are trapped and you are in such a situation that neither you can leave nor you can continue.

On the other hand, per minute plans or pay as you go plans have the lot of advantage over monthly plans. Cheap rates starting from 1.3 cents per minute; No commitment means no cancellation fee and you pay only for the uses; and finally you can stop the service any time.

If you calculate the annual expenses, finally you would end up paying more in unlimited plans than in regular plans.

Moreover, you can't take the advantages of many promotion, which are being launched by many VoIP companies time to time. Recently we have offer from Pingo, where you can call India for 256 minutes (more than 4 hours) in 1 dollar, where the effective calling rate is only 0.38 cents (less than 1 cent). One can easily try pingo, as it costs you almost nothing.

Please share your view, if you have ever regretted after taking monthly subscription.

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