Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Acquired Gizmo5 in $30 million Deal :: Rumour or True?

As per a report published by, Google has Acquired Gizmo5 in a multi million dollar cash deal. Till now there is no official confirmation from either side but if its true then Google will step in to full VOIP services. Earlier news flows are pointing towards Skype acquiring Gizmo5, but now "IF" Google has acquired Gizmo5 then point will how well Gizmo can be integrated with Google services.

If this news is true then it will be second straight acquisition in a week by Google. Earlier on 9th November Google Announced acquisition of AdMob, world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace.

Now coming to the current News about Gizmo5. Gizmo5 is SIP based VOIP provider and can be well integrated with Google Products like Gtalk and Google Voice. Integration of GTalk and Gizmo5 can provide you facility to make and receive calls from Gmail`s GTalk client. Actually Gtalk uses SIP and Jabber protocols, and Gizmo5 uses SIP protocols to connect calling between SIP clients and ordinary phones. So if both gets connected with each other then there will be a possibility to connect with normal phones from GTalk.

Now question is if GTalk , Google Voice and Gizmo5 are integrated, Will Google launch a new service by clubbing them? Please leave your comments on this....

Now the news is confirmed.... published on Google Voice Blog

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