Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yahoo messenger and free411 : Trick for Free international calling from anywhere

It has been long time we did not published any free call trick. Today we will talk about a free calling trick combining yahoo voice messenger and free411 free directory assistance.
If you remember, we published before Free411 offering free calls via toll free number 1800Free411 (8003733411), so if you are in USA you can call4free.

What if you are outside USA?
No problem, we also published how to call toll free number outside USA.

Now get ready with your Yahoo messenger and the number you wish to call. Now call the toll free number from your yahoo messenger and follow the instructions. You need to wait tell she tells you to say free calls in the main menu, then speak free calls, then dial the destination number

Don’t forget to setup Unites states as your home country from Messenger >> Preferences >> connections

Since it is a free call, don't expect too much, Try only when you have the FREE TIME, sometimes the lines could be busy. so try again or DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.


Enjoy free calling, if you have any problem.., feel free to leave your comment.


  1. Well, I am not sure what the point is to specifically use Yahoo Messenger? Is there an advantage? Can't we use any other method, such as Skype, etc. to get to the 1800Free411 number?

  2. Yes you can use skype also. We already published about skype two months ago
    Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. hi i want to my landline to mobile via pc but my no. should be displayed

  4. hey bro i just failed 2 mak call via rediff ad trick u spoken abt.....i tried but not a single time the call get connected all thou the rediff admin sendzz da messege to the advertiser(me) dat the XYZ no. called u......BUT THEN NOTHING..!!!!!!

  5. Please follow exact steps .... i have tested it recently, it was working.. Probably your weekly limit is over... Make a new ad and then try again.

  6. It doesnt worked for me .Not working @ all

  7. they r not picking up the call so no advertisement
    n no calls


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