Friday, November 13, 2009

Zenring - long distance international calls from your mobile phone in unique way

Zenring is a new type of international calling company. It lets you make unlimited international calls for free or for the price of a local call. The unique patent pending technology uses the customer’s PC, broadband internet and home landline to make mobile to mobile calls. PC to mobile, mobile to PC and PC to PC calls are also possible using Zenring service. Callers do not have to sit at their PCs like in the case of Skype. Zenring calls can be made from any phone and from anywhere.
Zenring calls are allowed between Zenring users running the client software on their PCs. A social networking site enables users to establish friendship, send messages and voice messages. For mobile to mobile calls the two calling parties will have to invest in a USB voice modem device called the Zenpal. Zenring sells the Zenpal device or Zenpal DSL Pack on Zenring store and can be purchased via Paypal. Users can  Join Zenring from website .

Once the users have invested and installed the Zenpals on their PCs and connected it to their landlines the international calls are virtually free and unlimited. Zenring does not charge anything to its users. In many cases, countries and cell phone companies even the local call can be part of an unlimited plan. For example in USA, Verizon Wireless offers 5 non Verizon numbers for free calling. Using such offers and the Zenring service international calls can be made totally free. Zenring can be used for
  • Zenring Mobile-2-Mobile calls
  • Zenring Mobile-2-PC calls
  • Zenring PC-2-Mobile calls
  • Zenring PC-2-PC calls
  • Zenring Laptop Roaming calls
How to call?
Making a Zenring call is simple. Both calling parties have to be online. The caller dials from her/his cell phone to the landline number. After a programmed number of rings the Zenring software picks up the call and prompts the caller to enter the called party’s phone number followed by the # symbol. The software automatically calls the called party’s PC over the internet and transmits the mobile phone number. The called party’s PC then calls the mobile number over the landline. Once the called party picks up the call is live and unlimited and free. Zenring users are known to have call duration of hours without having to worry about costs. Zenring calls can be made and received from any ordinary mobile phones. No software upload to a smart phone is required. This makes the service universal.

A cool feature of the Zenring service is laptop roaming. A user having a Zenpal setup at home can call friends and family cell phones while travelling abroad using their laptops. Wherever there is a WiFi connection like hotels, café, airports the user can connect their laptop and make a free call back home to family on their cell phones.

Another complementary service is the Zenring voicemail. A caller can leave a voicemail upon calling the landline. The user of the landline is notified of the voicemail by an email and can hear the voicemail from the Zenring website from anywhere.

The company’s business model hinges around selling Zenpals devices for a price of $20. Volume discounts are also available. In the near future the company intends to generate revenue by putting user profile and city/country based advertisements on user web pages.


  1. you are doing wonderful by digging newest free call service on the web, keep it on, my wishes,

  2. I am not getting how the call is free

  3. hell RR, please watch the complete video at zenring website

  4. I have been using this service with the USB for the last 3 months. My calls are free with my free local call from my ATT wireless. My cousin in New Jersey has a zenring setup. I want to know if I can call multiple phone numbers in USA using his setup.

  5. I live in Saudi Arabia and want to use Zenring. I do not have a landline. Can I call my family in India on their mobile from my PC? Where can they buy USB device from? Is there a dealer or shop?

  6. I live in Sharjah and want to call family in Mumbai. Can I call from my PC to their mobile. Where can my family buy USB in India?

  7. @Krishnan
    Yes you can call multiphone numbers but not at the same time.., In this case Your cousin should have a landline connection with unlimited usa calling plan.

    Yes you can call to your family.., your family in India must have landline connection and zenpal installed in their PC.., you can buy zenpals from the zenring online store.

  8. In China many VOIP services are blocked. Does this service work in China? I want to call my relatives in China from Australia.

  9. Zenring makes the international part of the call for free, just like Rebtel and others. You must have free calling from your landline to your cell phone to receive calls for free. You must have free calls from your cell phone to your landline to make calls for free.

  10. hello i allready Zenring Modem but i can't call UK Mobile so please help me how can stari i call... Thanks


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