Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Reduce call Rate to INDIA with special access number is calling card based VOIP company. This company came in news with 60 min free trial calls to INDIA. We had discussed earlier,how to get free 60 min calls to INDIA from OneTouchIndia. Now due to highly competitive market in VOIP industry they have reduced call rate to INDIA from 3.9 cents/min to 1.9 cents/min. For this you just need to call a special access no of

Offer is as follows --

Only 1.9¢ per minute using special local access number (903-212-6651) OR
3.9¢ per minute using local/toll access OR
4.9¢ per minute using 800/toll free access.


  1. i have used for past 1yr and its not a internet calling or a voip service. They provide only fibre optic connection and i guess that is the reason the call quality is better than others.

    let me know of other companies providing fibre optic connections with good quality.

  2. Very Bad Service, they are still bugging me about their promotions on all my phone numbers even after i stopped using their service 3 years back. I spoke to them a 100 times to stop calling me but they don't want to understand it seems. really frustrating !


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